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Walnut 4"x1.5"

Spalted Maple 5"x2"

Teak 6"x4.5"

Spalted Chestnut 12"x2.25"

Hollow Vessels

Teak 4.5"x2"

Teak 5.5"x1.5"

Myrtlewood Burl 5.5"x1.5"

Spalted Maple Burl 3.5" x 7"


Maple w/sapele pommelle inaly 5"x3"

Qak 6"x3"x3"

Walnut 4"x2.5"

Teak 3"x1.5"


Spalted Cottonwood

Maple and cocobolo

Spalted Maple Keychain/Toothpick holder

Olive wood

Perfume Pens, Atomizers, and Keychains

Olive cigar pen

Spalted maple cigar pen

Olive slimline pen

Pens and pencils

Walnut 4"x2"

Teak 4.5"x1.5"

Walnut 4.5"x2"

Olive letter opener

Miscellaneous Items


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